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i'm at a good place in my life. i have a husband, whom i adore and who i believe adores me. i have two children who have taught me more than i'll ever be able to teach them. my son, who is 14, (update: 15...acccck) enters high school this year. my daughter, 11, (now 12) is beginning junior high. they are constant sources of amazement and delight. i just hope i don't screw 'em up between now and when they leave home (which will be when they're 30, i hope....forget the part about not screwing 'em up!) i also have three step-children who are some of the finest people i know. i have a brother with whom i feel really close who has always, always supported me (even when he was pissed at me!) and i'm grateful for having him in my world.

i believe that jesus has given me A way, not the only way, to know god better (of course, my kids have done that, too!) and has set out ways to follow better what god has in mind for me. like merton, i don't always think i'm right about what god wants, but i get up and try again. i also think god gives us more than we realize and that we need to pay better attention.

i don't have lots and lots of friends, but have been well-blessed with a few close ones. some aren't with me anymore and i miss them terribly. i give thanks to god everyday for those who are still with me and for the way they enrich my life. the most recent enrichment has come in the source of an online friend whom i adore, karen. she's listened to me whine and rejoiced in my happiness--a true friend. now, how to get her to move here........

my parents' death is the most impactful thing that has ever occurred in my life. i shall always love them, always miss them, and always give thanks to god for them. they were the most awesome folks. i know they are at peace and they deserve it.

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